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Bon Voyage!

March 23, 2009

dscn7390We said our goodbyes to our friends from Massa Kritikal early this morning (4 something in the morning..) for their journey to BIKE! Good luck and have a blasting fun friends!

dscn7373 One of our dear Coathangers, Cher preparing her bike. The rest of us were so jealous!

dscn7387 Hana attached her taillight using duct tape. PUNKROCK!

dscn74061 Annexe, Central Market at 4 AM! The last minute preparation and briefing before the adventure.

We can’t wait for Cher, Nunu and Hana’s full report on their awesome journey.¬† Check out Massa Kritikal blog at


DIY Femme Fest 09 Programme Schedule

February 22, 2009

This will be the programme schedule for the fest. You don’t want to miss anything, do you? See ya!

12.00pm : Workshops, Exhibition & Infobooths (1st Floor)

12.00pm : Stencil Resistance by Rat @ F-Code (1st Floor)
12.00pm Exhibition : F-Code, Vantiani, Melissa, Haruka Hana, Hafiz Bastard, Poodien, Niesa Assault, Stoner Fairy, Ain, Epi and Carol
12.00pm : NOSC, United Against Discrimination, FNBKL, Massa Kritikal, A//Liberty, Human First and Coathangers Revolt

12.30pm : Free lunch provided and prepared by Ricecooker, Human First & Food Not Bombs

1.00pm : Band Perfomance (1st Floor)

1.00pm : Weot Skam
1.40pm : Abysmal Fornikate
2.20pm : The Pips
3.00pm : Mass Separation

1.00pm : Workshop (2nd Floor – Studio)

1.00pm : Reclaim Your Body by Cher and Friends
1.40pm : No Racism by Pakatan Baju Rakyat

3.40pm : Workshop (1st Floor)

3.40pm : How to Start Your Own Food Not Bombs by FNBKL

4.30pm : Bands (1st Floor)

4.30pm : Tormentress
5.10pm : Apparatus
5.50pm : Pusher
6.30pm : Pazahora
7.10pm : Straightjacket Nation

**Note: Band schedule might be revised on the date of the fest itself.