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You Can’t Keep a Good Collective Down

March 21, 2010

No, we haven’t disappeared yet.

Keep watching this space, and get psyched for a slew of events planned to happen in 2010!


Zines & Things : 25th July in Singapore

July 23, 2009


An afternoon w/: Dave Roche, author of zines About My Disappearance and On Subbing. He will be doing a zine reading from his 2 zines and talking about them after. 

+ film screening of $100 and a T-Shirt: A Documentary About Zines in the Northwest

+ zine distros showcasing/selling their wares!

25th July 2009
Night & Day bar + gallery + friends
139 Selegie Road
3pm // $6 w/ a non-alcoholic drink

Inviting all zinesters, zine aficionados, people curious about the art of zine-making… everyone really! Also, Malaysian zinesters and/or zine distros who are interested to come down to sell/showcase their zines please feel free to do so!

Brought to you by our beloved comrades 7x0x7 and Polarity Press.


We’re Bringing You Down Under

June 11, 2009

We’re collaborating with friends from Nervhous Records to bring you Scum System Kill & Repoman show in Kuala Lumpur.

Feel free to check them out here:

Scum System Kill @ Myspace

Repoman @ Myspace


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What Happens Next?

March 16, 2009

We’re still pretty fucking pooped from the fest, even though that was a whole 2 weeks ago, hence the trickle of updates.

However, we’re not just stopping here; we’ve only barely begun. There is a lot more we have up our sleeves, so keep checking this space!

Do expect a full report of the fest real soon, we hope.

Love and solidarity from the Coathangers Revolt Collective.


We Had a Blast!

March 13, 2009



Innerview Zine #3 Out soon!

February 3, 2009


One of our comrades was interviewed by the zine, highlighting our upcoming DIY Femme Fest 2009. Just like all other anticipated zine readers, we’re also very curious of the other contents!


Straightjacket Nation SE Asia Tour 2009

January 18, 2009


You might seriously regret not seeing Straightjacket Nation!

Straightjacket Nation is from Melbourne, Australia. This band which also features a member from PISSCHRIST and FAR LEFT LIMIT are influenced by 80’s hardcore-punk bands like VOID, URBAN WASTE, and VERBAL ABUSE, added with some rock and roll beats in their music. Their music style is intense with raw and crunchy sounds, screaming vocals and fast beats. Sounds a bit like LIMP WRIST but with rawer sounds for sure, for the kids that are crazy over thrash hardcore punk like TEAR IT UP, CUT THE SHIT, LIFE’S HALT, SCHOLASTIC DETH and bands on the 625 and Deranged labels shouldn’t miss their show!


Straightjacket Nation band ini berasal dari Melbourne/Australia, band yang juga salah satu personil nya adalah member dari PISSCHRIST dan FAR LEFT LIMIT ini sangat terinfluence dengan band-band hc/punk 80 an seperti VOID, URBAN WASTE dan VERBAL ABUSE dengan sedikit mencampur beat2 rock n rolla pada musik mereka. Raw n crunchy sound, scream vocal, beat cepat dan intense adalah ciri musik mereka. Sedikit terdengar seperti LIMP WRIST tapi dengan sound yang lebih rawwww tentunya. bagi kalian yang tergila-gila dengan Thrash hc/punk seperti TEAR IT UP, CUT THE SHIT, LIFE’S HALT, SCHOLASTIC DETH dan band-band era 625 Recs dan DERANGED Recs lain nya wajib untuk menonton show mereka.

– A review by Mandra (TERSANJUNG 13)