DIY Femme Fest 09 Programme Schedule

February 22, 2009

This will be the programme schedule for the fest. You don’t want to miss anything, do you? See ya!

12.00pm : Workshops, Exhibition & Infobooths (1st Floor)

12.00pm : Stencil Resistance by Rat @ F-Code (1st Floor)
12.00pm Exhibition : F-Code, Vantiani, Melissa, Haruka Hana, Hafiz Bastard, Poodien, Niesa Assault, Stoner Fairy, Ain, Epi and Carol
12.00pm : NOSC, United Against Discrimination, FNBKL, Massa Kritikal, A//Liberty, Human First and Coathangers Revolt

12.30pm : Free lunch provided and prepared by Ricecooker, Human First & Food Not Bombs

1.00pm : Band Perfomance (1st Floor)

1.00pm : Weot Skam
1.40pm : Abysmal Fornikate
2.20pm : The Pips
3.00pm : Mass Separation

1.00pm : Workshop (2nd Floor – Studio)

1.00pm : Reclaim Your Body by Cher and Friends
1.40pm : No Racism by Pakatan Baju Rakyat

3.40pm : Workshop (1st Floor)

3.40pm : How to Start Your Own Food Not Bombs by FNBKL

4.30pm : Bands (1st Floor)

4.30pm : Tormentress
5.10pm : Apparatus
5.50pm : Pusher
6.30pm : Pazahora
7.10pm : Straightjacket Nation

**Note: Band schedule might be revised on the date of the fest itself.



  1. What is the venue of the femme fest?

  2. Hi Su-Lyn,

    The venue for the femme fest is at Noisy Studio (178 Jalan Merdeka, Kampung Baru, Ampang). You can take a look at the map here for the exact directions from Ampang LRT.

  3. nosc juga akan turut berpatisipasi. 🙂

  4. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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