Latest DIY Femme Fest accounts (16/1/2009)

January 16, 2009

Recently, there has been some questioning as to why we at Coathangers Revolt require such a seemingly huge sum of money (especially after 2 benefit gigs and donations from various kind parties). Thusly, to aid in our utmost  transparency, we have addressed these queries with a full document of our accounts below:


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latest DIY Femme Fest account (16/1/2009)

Collection = RM2429.50

Expenses = RM638.50

Total (in hand) = RM1791.00


Expected expenses for the DIY Femme Fest 2009 to date (16/01/2009):

  1. Venue – RM1200
  2. Flyers – *
  3. Tickets – *
  4. Flyer big – Printing on A3 or A4/Color *
  5. T-shirts – RM15 x 30 pcs = RM450
  6. Patches – *
  7. Buttons – 40 new + repress old = RM54
  8. Door gifts – Small tote bags (printed with patches design) +

    Coathanger zines *

  9. Food – RM100
  10. Utensils – RM50
  11. Accommodation – RM50 – Donation to FNB house (4 travelling bands + participants)
  12. Transportation (for travelling bands/participants) – RM50
  13. Strings (for tags) – RM10
  14. Workshop/Exhibition required materials etc – * Will be notified by


  15. Bands/Workshop/Exhibition payment – * Based on the tickets collection

The total expected expenses  will be RM1964 NOT including expected expenses on items marked with  *.

Expected expenses might be revised as soon as the marked items are confirmed and if the existing estimated cost is reduced or increased.



  1. looking forward for this diy femme fest
    aku ada 1 request ha ha ha aku nak tote bag and t shirt ….consider booking lah nie yea …

  2. t-shirt tuh maybe leh booking tapi tote bag tuh.. silalah datang awal yer for early bird only..lambat nasib laa..selagi stock masih ada..ehehe

  3. This is so fucking cool that you put this up on your site!

  4. any chance of revealing the financial statement/accounts of the fest?

    sorry for being such a busy body but i am pretty sure there are a lot of people who wants to know it as well.

    btw, is it true that bands who performed on the two previous benefit shows didn’t got paid? there are so many rumours flying around, i hope you guys and gals and clear a couple things…

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