Article 8

January 12, 2009

This is a short film about the LGBTIQ community in KL which features the likes of Shannon Shah, Juelie Koh, Lainie Yeoh and a few other activists and/or movers and shakers in the community. The film was shot and edited in two weeks with the intention to submit it for the Yogyakarta LGBT Human Rights Festival. First screened at Lil Ladyfest, KL, Article 8 is also a response to the Fatwa against Tomboys.

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting. The full version of this film can be found at theklword.wordpress.com or Vimeo. This film was produced by theklword and was directed by Elaine and Thilaga. Enjoy!

  2. salleh! you are famous! your face is everywhere!
    anyways, if you would like to watch the rest of the video, please go to this link:


    thank you.

  3. Hey Elaine, Thilaga,

    Sorry about not posting the entire video. I had actually found the full video on Vimeo but had some problems with embedding it here!


  4. the only pagar merah (red gate) i know is the Ponyo (FNB house) in PJ heheh

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