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August 11, 2008

Thanks to all who came to the 888 benefit show. It was a blast.

From The Pips playing political acoustic songs to Akta Angkasa playing heavy space rock. And Alchemy of Sickness playing grindcore to Lord Sunny Day playing orgasmic jazz, Fall To Their Death playing heavy sludge to The FRU and Always Last both playing political punkrock! We played, sing along, and danced till midnight! Not to forget all our dear friends who came to the show. Yeah, jamming session still rules!

Oh, by the way, our dear friend, Penny Gump has published his photocopied DIY novel entitled Bintang Kertas. A story of friendship, morality paranoia and more. In Bahasa Melayu, only RM4 by hand or RM5 by post.

The money from the selling of this novel will go to DIY Femme Fest. For more info, email him at

Bintang Kertas


No! It Is Not Cancelled!

August 7, 2008

No, the Eight! Eight! Eight! benefit show is not cancelled. It is moved to another location.

Some of you might know or are still wondering what the hell happened to the Eight!Eight!Eight! benefit show. Let us explain.

The show is still on. But we have to relocate it to another venue. A friend’s space. This is because the management of the old venue has double booked the space to other people for their department’s function. The problem is, the other people that we had to share the space with are the kinda people/department that we really LOVE to avoid having anything to do with. Bukit Aman. Nuff said.

As I said earlier, the show is still on.

The same date: August 8th 2008
The time: Start at 8pm sharp
The ticket: RM8
The new venue: EMAIL/CALL/SMS Kid/Niesa for the details

The reason we can’t say the exact location of the new venue is for safety reasons.


the pips – acoustic
lord sunny day – jazz
akta angkasa – space rock

always last – punk rock
the fru – punk rock
fall to their death – sludge
alchemy of sickness – grindcore

We are doing this benefit show to collect money/donation for the much awaited Femme Fest 2009. The fest will include live show, workshops on DIY, zine making, stencils, your rights etc. So the “profits” that we manage to collect will help us to rent venue for the fest, equipment rentals, workshops stuff etc. Ah, the usual.

No, we wont use the money for shopping! Duh!

For friends outside KL, we will open an info booth at Penang (Independent As Hell). We will also open an info booth at the ThrashFest. Hoo can’t wait to bandana-moshing!!! Meet us there ok? Say hi! Bring us some karipap kentang! heheh.. And our dear friends from Singapore will also do the same at the Lion City.

We have info flyers, zines, old stuff to sell, and of course two colourful banners! Yay!

To friends who had been supporting us, to friends who is struggling to do something for the DIY hardcore punk scene, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER!!!

Join the resistance – FALL IN LOVE!