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Body Image and Propaganda

July 30, 2008

The media acts as a propaganda machine determined to shake our confidence, remind us we are not good enough, we have not made it, that we just simply do not measure up. In a recent poll by a well known magazine 80% of women reported that the images of women in TV and in movies, fashion magazines and advertising make them feel insecure about their looks.

Why is the media bent on making us feel so down about ourselves? Why do they go to such lengths to make us feel “less than”? The answer is quite simple – pure economics. The media machine is economically driven as billions are spent on items such as cosmetics, new diets and clothes. This “beautifying” empire is dependent on our disempowerment. They count on us buying into their myths and misrepresentations: WE WILL NEVER FIT IN, WE CAN NEVER BE HAPPY, THUS WE CAN NEVER END THE PURSUIT. Alas, the pursuit is endless, the products are endless, the damage to our self-esteem is endless, and the body hatred created is devastating. The assault is unrelenting! The images are everywhere. How could it all happen, right under our noses? It is a subtle, continuous bombardment of images of beauty, images defined by profiteers, images that are not real, not authentic, and not attainable. The impact that these images have on women and men is profound. The financial, social and psychological and physical damages of a woman’s lifetime pursuit of thinness are impossible to measure. Depression, despair, depletion of self-esteem, the withering and wasting away of physical, psychological and financial resources are unbelievable.


Do It With Your Friends!

July 26, 2008


Thanks to friends who came and helped. It was such a blast, hanging out with good friends, making banner for DIY Femme Fest collective. There will be more banners in the future. Yay!

And yeah, don’t forget to come to our first benefit show for DIY Femme Fest this coming Friday, 8th August 2008! See you there! And say hello! Triple yay!


EIGHT! EIGHT! EIGHT! : a benefit show for DIY Femme Fest 2009

July 20, 2008


a friday afterwork with:

FRU – punkrock
THE PIPS – acoustic
ALWAYS LAST – punkrock
AKTA ANGKASA – space rock

special appearance:
CRAFTED BROKEN BEATS by the collaboration
of CHI PULP, ANOWL, MAC and visual by Perez – drum and bass

Friday, 8th August 2008,
1 Cafe Jalan Silang, 7pm, RM15

(landmarks:behind Kotaraya / beside Mydin hypermarket /
opposite Menara Maybank)

A benefit show for DIY Femme Fest 2009
Please let your friends know 🙂